Social Media Management Services

Social Media Marketing Services that ensure TARGETED CUSTOMERS flood your website like moths over a street light.
It is a well-known fact that social media marketing is a low-cost method of driving massive traffic to any online business...

Nowadays, any online business that does not maintain a consistent social media presence is throwing money away... and even doomed to fail

However, maintaining a consistent social media presence necessitates a significant amount of time.

Social Media Marketing

And it is for this reason that many businesses fail to maintain a consistent social media presence... simply because. HEY DO NOT HAVE ENDLESS TIME...

If you want to use the various social media platforms to keep spreading the word about your e-business like wildfire...

If you don't have unlimited time, delegate social media management to someone who does.

We have dedicated Social Media Management Experts on the ground at Ai Okogi Technologies Ltd to help you effectively manage your social media Pages and Campaigns...

And because we manage your social media campaigns, you can expect a steady stream of massive traffic to your website. And also, we charge a low monthly subscription fee to manage your social media pages or campaigns.

Now is the time to order our Social Media Marketing Services...

Cost of promotion:

  • 70,000 naira per month
  • 190,000 naira for a three-month package.
  • 380,000 naira for a six-month package.